Friday, March 13, 2009

Proud Momma

In the kid interview that I did with my girls, I couldn't help but get stuck on the questions that asked, "How are you and your mom alike?" and "How are you and your mom different?" It made me think of what my answer would be to how they are or are not like me really examining it in my own mind. So here are my answers to my girls as to how we are alike and different:

My beautiful M, We are both alike and different , both of which make me very happy and proud of you. We are similar in that we are both passionate, outspoken, argumentative, yet kind, loving and caring. Physically we both have brown hair, freckles and a warm smile. We both like to laugh, and to make people laugh. We are also different in some ways, and in the ways that make you uniquely YOU. You enjoy being the center of attention, you stand out in a crowd, you will initiate conversations with anyone. I on the other hand, like to blend in to the crowd, and although I love to talk, I don't necessarily have the confidence that you do to initiate it with someone I don't even know. You are the first born, and I am the baby in my family. We look different too in some ways. You have this curly, curly, ringlet hair and mine is neither curly or straight..just slightly wavy (enough to get on my nerves, actually). You have beautiful eyes that are twice the size of mine and they are set off with long black eyelashes. I on the other hand do everything I can to make my eyes look bigger and my eyelashes longer. I am so proud of how you are like me, but I am equally as proud of our differences because they make you who you are. I am proud of you and who you are becoming.

My sweet baby K, we too, have our similarities and differences as mother and daughter. Even at only 6 years old I can already see some of these things. I can see a lot of physical likeness with you. You have my shape face, green eyes, and smile however, your black hair and olive complexion make you more like Daddy. Your personality is extremely special. You are so content with everything, very even keel, never one to get restless or agitated. You always seem calm and reserved, careful in your actions and words. This my dear child, is a very valuable quality to have, and one I wish I possessed myself. I tend to get easily irritated in situations, restless and often wish I could take back something I said, not really ever being STILL enough to be calmed, soothed, at peace the way you do. I have a lot to learn from you in this way. You are like me in that you too do not love to be the center of attention, but you always polite and secure with your surroundings, always willing to talk to someone if spoken to. I hope you continue to grow with these wonderful qualities and characteristics which make you very unique. I am so proud of you.

Of course I am biased about my girls, but I have the right to be, don't I? A few months ago it was really nice to get an email from a new friend that recently met my daughters as they were the flower girls in her son's wedding (who was marrying our cousin) and after only being with them a few times over the weekend I think she did a really good job of summing up their personalities. I have printed and saved the email that she sent because I think it would be nice for the girls to read as they get older. Here is what she said about my girls:

"M-such confidence -such presence-a darling "Diva" who quickly adapts to "center stage" with such grace. Beautiful manners, in no way bold or cheeky but with that indescribable, incredible, confidence of a wee person who just "does" because she "can" and has been called to "do"! Long may that stay with her, the upcoming teen years can be cruel and confidence is a marvelous shield...

K--you and T are lucky that you got to taker her home!! I'd have scooped her up in a heartbeat! I swear if you look up "sweet" in the dictionary, K's picture would be beside the word. Certainly quieter than her big sister but very "centered" with a serenity beyond her years-NO shrinking violet-very willing to engage in conversation and by the end of the weekend was quite willing to initiate the conversation... "

Now, that is a big compliment and one I treasure. (Thanks PW if you're reading!)

Interesting to see your children grow up and develop these unique personalities. I perhaps should come back and read this blog entry several times during their teenage years when I'm sure to not feel quite as warm and fuzzy about their personalities or their looks.

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dee said...

What an awesome compliment your new friend gave you as their mom! And you are so right to save them-precious! I can't say enough about what a nice thing that was for her to do and so eloquently written. I enjoy your blog, not sure if I have ever commented and believe I found you through JMom.