Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You Know you blog too much when...

-You actually refer to your family members by the first letter of there name. Or you hear your real life blog buddies refer to their children using their real names, but all the while you are thinking, "R, K, or whatever..."

-You are constantly thinking in just about any situation, "Is this blog material?"

-Furthermore, even in a bad situation, you think the silver lining of that moment could be that it just gave you something to blog ABOUT.

-You wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea about a post and you can't go back to sleep because you are writing it out in your head.

-...then you forget what it was the next morning. It would've been a great one though.

-The first thing you do every morning is check your favorite blog spots to see if there is a new post. Who cares about the news or the paper!?

-You start to tell a friend a story and she stops you and says, "I know. I read it on your blog."

-You feel a sense of closeness and a bond with people that you have never and may never meet face to face. You know some of their deepest thoughts and raw emotions.

-You have laughed so hard at Big Mama's post in one minute and then cried so hard reading Angie's story at Bring the Rain the next minute.

-You have cooked several recipes that you have gotten from other bloggers. The Pioneer Woman is your friend because she shows you step by step instructions WITH pictures!

-You see a real life friend/blog buddy (that you have only seen in person one other time) at the pool and you say, "Hey! I'm Elizabeth, Operation Motherhood" so she would know who I was! That one takes the cake!


wendymom said...

I think I can give an Amen to all of those as well.

Joni said...

Okay, that made me laugh out loud.

I'm just disappointed that you didn't pull up a chair so we could make fun of our bloggin' selves in real life.

Next time, bring your lap top to the pool, and I'll bring mine. We'll chat away while never msking eye contact... : )

elizabeth said...

Trust me, I would've pulled up a chair and chatted if I didn't have to take a 4 year old 7 times to the potty in 2 hours and keep my eyes on her and two more!! Ugh. Sometimes, I'm really not sure if it's worth all the effort it takes!

I much rather make eye contact and talk to face to face that actually blog about it, I promise! I am a better speaker than writer. (I think) We will do it soon. Im sure there will be many more days this summer I will see joni's joy at the pool!

E (Operation Motherhood, by the way)