Tuesday, June 17, 2008

100th Post

Apparently, it is some sort of blog tradition to list 100 things about yourself on your 100th post. I don't know why anyone would want to know 100 random things about me, but I'll give it a shot, and if ya feel like reading, ok. If not, well, that would be ok too. Here goes.

1 I am one of three children.
2 I have 1 brother
3 and one sister
4 I am the baby
5 Yes, I was spoiled.
6 I look a lot like my mother.
7 I act a lot like my father.
8 I have freckles.
9 I have never really liked them.
10 I have had plastic surgery.
11 I'm glad I did.
12 I like to talk.
13 My husband says that I like to hear myself talk.
14 I think I agree with him.
15 I've never really liked silence.
16 I am starting to wish I had some every once in a while.
17 I had really big hair in high school
18 I even teased my bangs
19 I met my husband when I was seventeen.
20 We were set up on a blind date
21 Obviously, I didn't know it at the time
22 I had to go to summer school for geometry 2 times in high school.
23 I still have no idea what a proof is.
24 Or why I ever needed to know it.
25 My first car was a Volkswagen Cabriolet
26 It was burgundy
27 with a tan top
28 I liked that car a lot
29 I have had only had 4 cars in my 35 years of life
30 I am not a morning person
31 I am good under pressure
32 I procrastinate a lot
33 Therefore, I find myself under pressure a lot.
34 I went to Georgia Southern University
35 I did not do the sorority thing
36 I'm glad I didn't
37 I still have dreams that I miss my final exam
38 I was a nursing major to begin with
39 I changed to teaching,
40 when I realized I couldn't stand the sight of blood
41 I took field biology at GSU
42 I was the nerd looking through binoculars on campus
43 and catching bugs
44 All for a grade
45 Not because I liked it
46 It took my 5 years to graduate from college
47 I had a great time
48 I left GSU my senior year because a boy broke
my heart
49 He came running back
50 I married him 2 years later
51 We were married in 1997
52 On the hottest day of the year (I think)
53 I don't even talk to 2 of the girls that were
in my wedding
54 I don't even know what happened to them
55 I taught school for 7 years
56 I have no desire to go back to that
57 I love to shop
58 I never have money to do it
59 I love to sleep
60 I love to eat good food,
61 especially things with garlic
62 I hate brussel sprouts
63 Lunch is my favorite meal of the day
64 I love to cook
65 I don't like to bake
66 Mainly because I'm not good at it
67 I made a pound cake once
68 My husband thought it was sweet cornbread
69 I haven't attempted one since
70 I like Neapolitan ice cream,
71 probably because I'm not good at making decisions
72 I have 7 nieces
73 I have only 1 nephew
74 I love being a mommy
75 I am tired most of the time
76 I am blessed with good kids
77 Really good kids
78 I sometimes wish I would have
gone to school to be a lawyer
79 I have no desire to do it now
80 I have had 5 pregnancies
81 I have 3 healthy children
82 I had to have 3 c-sections
83 My belly will never be the same
84 My scar is a badge on honor
85 because it means I'm a mommy
86 I love being a mommy
87 It's my biggest accomplishment
88 It's my biggest challenge too
89 I am a Christian
90 I was raised in a Christian home
91 I am in a bible study group that I love
92 Those women keep me going
93 They encourage, challenge, and hold me accountable
94 I love those ladies
95 I am more in love with my husband today
than the day I married him
96 He is my best friend
97 He knows me better than anyone
98 I, in fact, married the best looking guy ever (by
the way)
99 I love the fact that my children look like him
100 I am blessed


georgia mom said...

Loved it! I missed this opportunity, I might go back and do it! Have fun next week!

JMom said...

I loved this post.
I, too, hated Geometry bc I did not understand the point.
My hubby broke my heart and came back almost 2 years later.
I always wanted a Cabriolet.
I, too, have only had 5 cars...
There's more but this comment is already long.
Lots in common, my friend!