Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Today, as we celebrate and honor fathers, I am especially thankful for the "Dads" in my life. My husband is a great man and wonderful "Daddy" and my own father is a man I love and admire.

T is generally a quiet guy, but around his family he really makes us all laugh and smile a lot. I think some of the best times are when I see him pick up one of the girls, twirl them around, and tickle them, all the while the other is waiting saying, "my turn Daddy, my turn." On nice nights, he takes the girls around the block on their bikes. They love this time with their Daddy.

T is a man that loves to be at home with is family more than anywhere and we all know it. He is a wonderful provider, who is smart and wise with money, a disciplinarian when needed, and he has a loving and tender heart. My children and I are so very lucky he's the man of our house.

My Dad is a man who I have always looked up to. He is a man to be respected, who has achieved so much, but to him his greatest acheivment would probably be his family. He is an extremely generous and tender hearted man, one that would give you his last dollar or shirt off his back, and one that would be willing to sacrifice something for himself in order to give to another.

I have two distinctive memories of my Dad as a child. The first being the time that I disappointed him by being disrespectful to my Grandmother. I had rolled my eyes at her in disrespect, and he popped me and disciplined me. He did a lot of talking, words I can't remember, but I certainly will never forget the feeling I had... that bad feeling for disppointing him so much. The second memory is on a lighter note. My Dad took my shopping several times growing up. I loved to go with him, because he was more likely to get me things I wanted, not just the practical items that I needed. When I was around 7 years old we were on one of those shopping adventures when I saw the prettiest rabbit fur coat I had ever seen. It was expensive (probably like $35 ...but Expensive to me THEN). I asked for it and we got it! I couldn't believe it. I might have had bad fashion sense, but I definitely had my Dad wrapped around my finger. I'll never forget that!

Happy Father's Day to both of the Dads in my life. I love you.

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