Friday, June 20, 2008

Be Still

This week has been a whirlwind week. I have been so busy with work, vacation bible school for the kids, trying to plan and pack for a family vacation, household chores, etc. I have literally just been swirling in my mind constantly....What do I need to do next? Where do I have to be now? what kind of problem do I need to solve? Who else is coming down with the stomach virus?....and so on. I felt stretched in every direction, my mind was swirling and I just felt overwhelmed by it all.

Feeling extremely anxious and stressed the other day, I was in the car, had a lullaby CD playing for J, who was restless and wanting a nap, and I had a God moment. On that CD, Sandy Patti, who I personally think has a wonderful, angelic voice, sings "Peace, Be Still". I listened to that song and just knew it wasn't playing for my son, but rather for me. I have heard this song too many times to count, but I guess I just didn't think anything about it until this particular day, while feeling so overwhelmed and stressed, that God just spoke to me through this song.


Ahhhhhh. I am still. I feel you, Lord. I thank you that you are near.

It was truly a moment for me. It stopped me dead in my tracks from all the swirling, worrying, chaos. It just stopped me, and I think I actually heard the words to the song differently...... "BE STILL".

We tend to get stressed, consumed by our everyday stresses, worries, duties, and chores. I now know, it is only when you BE STILL that you can feel God there with you. STOP. BE STILL. I AM HERE.

He will carry all of our burdens, worries, fears....Why do we even try to tackle it ourselves, because we can't possibly. That's a good feeling, and boy do I feel a load off my back!

We are heading to the beach tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited about it. I, and my family, desperately need this vacation. I'm hoping I'll have a lot more GOD MOMENTS while I'm there. We are headed to my favorite spot in the world... SUNSHINE COTTAGE!

I'll post pictures as soon as we return.

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momsi/Nonni said...

I have always loved the "childrens" songtapes. They seem to minister to me even more. I love your title and would love to get to know you better. I am mom to 5 and Nonni to 3 going on 4 I have only been in the Ga area 3 years.
Hope you have a "great" vacation and that you have opportunity to Be Still and just Listen. Sometimes it is tough with the responsibilities of motherhood.