Friday, June 6, 2008


81. Lazy days of summer...Not having to wake up by a buzzing alarm clock, but instead waking up to little eyes staring at me in bed, or waking to a baby talking to the morning sun in his crib.

82. A new friend in my life who is so easy and comfortable to talk to. It's like we have known each other for years.

83. Little girls with tired, red eyes and wet hair from a day at the pool lying comfortably and peacefully together and watching a movie. (too tired to argue or fuss with one another)

84. Having the opportunity to tell my kids we are going to the beach in two weeks!

85. Having the opportunity to invite dear friends to go along with us for a week at the beach.

86. Later bedtimes that mean more activities outside like swinging, looking for fireflies, sparklers, and riding bikes until dark.

87. No set routine or times to be somewhere.

88. Seeing my little man in his swimsuit for the first time.

89. Little, pudgy toes tickling the water.

90. Cheerios. (they can provide several minutes of great entertainment for an 8month old)

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