Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trash to Treasure

The other day on my way out of my neighborhood I noticed someone had put some furniture out for garbage day. It caught my eye because it was a lot of wooden pieces. Most of the pieces were broken or in terrible shape, but then I saw this:

I quickly put it in the back of my car and brought it home, knowing I could make this chair look better and give it a good home. I painted it white and sand papered the edges to give it that shabby chic look. I have not yet replaced the brown leather seat on it, but it might be growing on me just the way it is. I have not found the perfect place for it in my home, but currently I have it in our family room so that I can marvel over my repurposed ,FREE chair. Don't you just love things that are free?

(I realize that this is not a close up, but I was actually taking a picture of my room after I rearanged the furniture the other day. Still, you might be able to catch a glimpse of my free chair.) And please, no nasty comments about my large, drab brown and very filthy couches that are in the picture. Now those are two pieces that NEED to go to the garbage!

Now my eyes are peeled to everyone's garbage every week. You never know when someone's trash will become your treasure. The littlest things can make my day.


Sandra said...

Hey Elizabeth! I love your blog! The children are gorgeous!! I just found a comment you left me back in March on an old blog. I've had lots of blogs over time but really only one at the moment. I'm actually copying an entry from the blog you saw and putting it up tonight or tomorrow. I love blogging. It is my latest addiction! We'll have to visit back and forth.
Sandra (Wilkes)

elizabeth said...

Hey Sandra. Glad you found your way here. Yes, I have visited your most recent site too, I believe, after seeing it on FBook. I just haven't yet left a comment. Yes, we will keep in touch. I love blogging too, but the newness has worn off a little for me and I find myself reading more blogs than actually blogging myself.

Anonymous said...