Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Heart Patty.

After much persistance on my part I finally got my husband to agree to have someone hired to clean our house. I have been spinning my wheels forever just trying to maintain the laundry and the toys picked up, let alone keep J occupied, run carpools and do bankruptcy petitions. I never have time to actually CLEAN know like dust, mop, clean bathtubs, etc.

A couple of months ago Patty came to my rescue and I am delighted! She does a fantastic job and is very reasonable. We only have her every other week, but that seems to help out a lot. Patty came this morning and J and I ran some errands. As we returned home the overwhelming smell of cleanliness infiltrated our nose. pleasant. Apparently I wasn't the only one with that feeling, because as I turned around to look at J behind me, he was down on the floor and his nose was buried in the carpet smelling it! Funny, funny boy.


sarah conway said...

I'll come help those in between weeks if you like! i will come do dishes and laundry for you :)

elizabeth said...

Sarah...Laundry..YES!!!! However your sister says she works for Dr. Pepper and Funyuns...whats your going rate? :)

sarah said...

WEll, lets seeeee :p just kidding.

I actually like to do laundry. Just not my own, lol!

I'll be there on wednesday! :)

georgiamom said...

Umm...who is this sarah and where can I find one?

elizabeth said...

M-Sarah is my niece that has recently relocated back here from Texas. Yes, she is a big help and right now they are living just around the corner from me. Good for me.

Anonymous said...