Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can't We Just All Get Along

I am on my soapbox today, and unfortunately you get to here about it.

There have been so many examples lately in the news of people forgetting their manners. We have tennis professionals losing their cool, senators yelling out inappropriately, even singers not waiting their turns in lines. Isn't this everything we learned to do correctly in elementary school? Didn't our parents teach us to be respectful and courteous to others? Why have we forgotten this? Are we too stressed out that we "crack" under pressure or have we become too full of self so we don't care about others anymore? Good question.

I'm only getting started here....

Supposedly, because I didn't see it, but Barbara Walters insulted Paula Deen on the view insinuating that she helps contribute to childhood obesity. Puh-leeze! Does Walters bother calling all the grocery stores and food manufacturers who make doughnuts, oreos, sugar filled cereals that are all marketed for children? No. She does not. Can't WE, as normal people with capable minds, choose for ourselves to eat things, or do things in moderation? People make choices. Bad choices come with consequences. These consequences have to be handled by the person who made the decision in the first place. I say if you want to eat cheese cake with butter on top..then go ahead!

Another incidence in the news that caused a lot of controversy is the mom that drug her kid around the Verizon store on a leash. I feel bad for the lady. Clearly, she might not have made the best decision, but come on... What if she would have instead, picked the child up and spanked him a couple of times to discipline the child? Would people have felt the need to intervene and call the authorities on her? ...YES, they has happened before. Who are we to tell someone they can or cannot spank or discipline their own children?

I admit, when I first heard the news of Michelle Duggar being pregnant with #19, my first reaction was to be very judgmental. Why? It is not my place to tell her how many children she should have. As long as they are providing for them on their own then I do not have a say in that. In fact, it is down right rude that I even entertained the idea in my head to judge her.

Finally, (because I could probably go on and on with examples)who are these people that feel the need to ridicule a mom that blogs about her family? There are actual people that have started their own blogs to poke fun, accuse and humiliate another blogger. They have accused her of lying, taking money and tried to dig up dirt on her and her family. I am appalled. Who cares if someone gets money for putting ads on their blog? I say, "Good for you" and sign me up! We all have our shortcomings and make many mistakes in life. Some people blog about them. Some people keep them private. I'm no genius, but I think if you don't like someones blog, simply STOP reading it.

When someone is eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut, it is not your duty to tell them that it is going straight to their hips. If someone is spanking their child because they ran out in front of a car in the parking lot, it is not your place to think they are not a good parent. If someone wants to have 48 children they should be able to do so without getting criticism from everyone else.

With all this being said, I am not advocating to NEVER step in. It's a matter of good judgement. If a loved one needs confronting because of an addiction, if a complete stranger is in need of help, if you see a child getting bullied, or someone being all means I think you should intervene and do what you can. I am (not so) simply saying that we might have become people so full of themselves that we see it our right, even our "duty" to but in and try to help at any time WE think we can. Why don't we just do a better job of taking care of our own children and loved ones and stop criticizing everyone else for being lousy at it. Let's stop being so prideful and righteous. Quite honestly, it's making me sick! (and I include me in this as I have been very guilty of these acts myself)

"And that's all I have to say about that"---Forrest Gump