Monday, August 24, 2009

Slumber Party

I don't know how she manages to do it every year, but M always seems to stretch her birthday celebration for days. On her actual birthday I took cupcakes to her class. Later that night we met my in-laws for dinner at a Japanese restaurant where the kids were truly entertained with the chef's tricks. They didn't particularly LOVE the food, but they certainly enjoyed the entertainment and it was a memory made. After dinner M opened up her present from her Gran-re and Grandaddy. They gave her two outfits and as she opened them she squealed with delight and said with a lot of sass, "Oooohhhh...I am SO wearing this one to school tomorrow!"

On Friday night I allowed her to have a couple of girls over to sleep over. Everything went great. We ate pizza, made pillowcases and friendship bracelets, played American Girl, had a dress up party, and ate birthday cake. After they all finished up their cake they washed up and got on their pj's. I popped on the new Hannah Montana movie for their 1st flick of the night around 8:30 or so. About 10 minutes into the movie and once everybody had their choice of topping on their popcorn, the power went out. Joy! No electricity. 3 movies to watch and we can't. A possible minute or two where this mommy could take a breather, but NO, didn't happen. Instead I became entertainer of the year, leading games of charades and pictionary by candlelight. Ghost stories might have come in handy, although I don't know any and UNFORTUNATELY I couldn't Google it because the POWER WAS OUT. All in all, we had a lot of fun playing those games in the dark. The girls settled down and decided to go to bed after getting bored with all of my games, I guess. They went to sleep fine, despite a lot of worry and concern, not to mention the rising temperature in the house. Luckily the next morning we had power, so we all sat around and finished the movie together.

M's birthday officially ended on Saturday around lunchtime when our company found their way home. It was a fun couple of days, I have to admit.

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JMom said...

And you made a wonderful memory you won't soon forget...
The prospect of slumber parties exhausts me. I like my sleep!