Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Devil

I should have known when he looked so good wearing this outfit at 1 month old:

Little boys should come with a warning label! All but one of these my son has done in less than 24 hours:

-Gotten into big sister's book bag, opened a brand new pack of markers,colored his hands and tried to eat the tips off of them.

-Gotten into my mascara (this was a few weeks ago):

-Gotten a pot from big sister's play kitchen, retrieved water in it FROM THE POTTY, and proceeded to drink it before I caught him.

(No picture for this one...I was so grossed out by that event and in a desperate attempt to wash his hands and his mouth out with dial soap, I didn't bother to get my camera for any'll just have to trust me on that one.)

-Gotten my coffee creamer from my kitchen counter and did this:

(And I had only had ONE cup of coffee before he dumped the entire container out on my rug, which forced me to use milk in my second cup and I hate that!)

I promise I do try to watch my son and take necessary precautions so that he does not get into these items. For example we close every door to all bathrooms and bedrooms so that he can't be destructive, but it is inevitable that someone forgets to do it and we all suffer the consequences. He has dumped out cans of fish food multiple times in K's room, dumped out M's container with all of her little-bitty earrings, has eaten our toothpaste, soap, chap stick and so much more!

Now that the girls are back in school I am left with only my set of eyes and my two hands to contain little J and that's a full time job!

Any suggestions, short of a leash or a cage?

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Kristie said...

Wow!! That creamer picture was too funny! I know it wasn't at the time!! Even though you have 2 in school- you have a full time job with little J-Isn't this so fun the 3rd time!!