Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Your Blogging Pleasure

I am a little delayed in this post, but I wanted to introduce two new blogs that I am following.

After months of persuasion by many of her friends, my neighbor and friend Michelle started a blog and she is too darn funny! She is a mom to four, two of which spend a whole lot of time over here at my house. Her daughter, A, and K play together every single afternoon. They can play Barbies, house, and dress up for hours together. Her experiences with her older two children, that are both in high school, are to my advantage..getting to see what's ahead of me is nice and how she handles the situation. I am taking notes. Check her out over at Lassoing The Chaos.

After months of ME persuading my Dad, who is an excellent writer, to start a blog he finally did with a little help from me. When my Dad moved to Vermont this summer I was even more eager for him to do the blog so that family could keep up with all his adventures. So, I set up is blog spot and told him exactly how to use it. Every day I would check to see if he had yet written anything and was disappointed most days, until one day there was this post and it was the sweetest post about me. I cried and cried reading it. His next post had me in tears laughing! I don't know how often he will write, but I hope more and more. You can find him at Seize The Day.

Hope you'll check them out!


Anonymous said...

When I become a famous blogger I will tell all that you boosted my career.

elizabeth said...

Not so sure the 2 people that read this blog will make you famous Michelle so don't hold your breath! :-)