Monday, July 28, 2008

Future Fashion Queen...(I hope)

Yesterday M and I were about 10 minutes from leaving the house for the school's "Meet Your Teacher Night" and I was wrapping up something on the computer (let's be honest here, I was probably reading someone's blog!)when I noticed M and her sister were strangely quiet and no fussing or whining was occuring. It was time to go, so I called for M and she came out of my bathroom "ready" to go. She was dressed in a pair of white jean capris pants that were at least 4 sizes to small, a turquoise shirt (also too small), a pair of my high heels, and her face looked like Bozo the, worse. She had on blue eyeshadow, lip stick and mascara! She looked like she should be walking the streets, if you know what I mean. She certainly didn't look like she was going to an elementary school to meet her 3rd grade teacher.

Needless to say I quickly took off all of her makeup and made her put back on her other clothes, but the whole ordeal completely stressed me out. We were now late and there I was with a little girl that had remnants of mascara under her eyes and pink cheeks where I had rubbed with tissue to get the makeup off as quick as possible.

We were heading out the door when I realized my wallet was missing from my purse. I remembered to earlier in the day when I caught M going through my wallet and told her to put it back where she had gotten it. She obviously got side-tracked before returning it to where it belonged, and now I sat there fuming that she couldn't remember where exactly she had put it. We eventually found my wallet behind the sofa cushions, along with some cracker crumbs, a few cheetos, a hair barrette, a toy, and some things that were, ugh well, unidentifiable.

After meeting her new teacher, we stopped by a convenient store and as we were leaving I noticed a woman standing pumping her gas. She was dressed in crop black pants, a black and white top, black stilettos and a "Dick Tracy" type of hat that was ever so perfectly cocked on her head. I said to M, "Look at that lady. That's almost crazy."

Her response to me was, "Yeah....Crazy FABULOUS!"

I just couldn't help but think: All in one day my (almost) 8 year old daughter has dressed like a street walker, confiscated my wallet and credit cards, and has admired a lady in a very "mature" outfit. Needless to say, worry then set in and rightfully so.

I know this is just a funny story of my growing girl, but it got me to thinking, that I want to raise a virtuous young lady. She is just "on loan" to me and I so desperately want to always say and do the right thing, but know I fail miserably most of the time. I know God will step in where I make mistakes, and make them right and good, for he never makes mistakes. I know He cares and loves them more than I do. But right now they are here for me to care for, instruct, love and discipline and I'm finding all of that a little overwhelming at the moment. My children are gifts for which I am so grateful. All I want to do is raise them well, and most importantly, raise them to love the Lord.

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