Friday, August 1, 2008

A 3rd Grader

Our summer vacation is officially over now, with M starting school this morning. I feel like we did a lot this summer and most importantly we just spent time together, as a family. However, it did go by too quickly, as always, and this morning I had to wake up to the horrible buzz of the alarm clock, which came much too soon, waking me from my sweet slumber and warm bed. Here it was. The first day of school and my sweet little girl is now a third grader.

Yesterday, I wasn't ready for a new school year, a third grade school year. Today, while driving M to school, I realized that I am actually ready for a new year. It helped a lot that M was excited for school and didn't "even need to be walked in" this morning because she's "a third grader now." I told her, as she left the car, that this was the start of a brand new year and that she could be whatever, whoever she wanted to be...the smartest girl in 3rd grade, the sweetest girl in 3rd grade, whatever she wanted. A brand new year, one that brings a clean slate, a new teacher, new friends, new surroundings. Of course there is one thing that does not, and will not ever change..the fact that she is a child of God and I reminded her of all of that before she left my car this morning. Of course, I also gave her sloppy wet kisses and told her too many times how much I loved her and how proud I was of her.

Driving home after that conversation, it all just sunk into me. Wow. "A new year. A clean slate. Child of God. He never changes"..... HE allows us so many "2nd chances", cleans our "slate", makes us new, but He NEVER changes. He remains the same, He is solid ground. In a world and a life that is constantly bringing about changes and new things, isn't it just nice to rest on that simple fact, that He never does change? It is certainly comforting for me and I'm so glad he gave me the reminder this morning.

Here is my happy third grade girl!

She already looks like a third grader!!


Anonymous said...

I cried with you...just remembering those days. ggmw

Keri said...

What a wonderful post! My Stinkerbell started second grade today and I was glad to walk her to her new classroom.

**For some reason, we always get the teacher with the classroom at the VERY STINKIN' END of the hall. We're 3 for 3 now.**


What a wonderful way for you to start her school year. And what a wonderful reminder you gave yourself and me about the Lord giving us a clean slate each day.

I needed that.

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Nice to meet you too!

AuburnGalAlways said...

Me again, but this time I'm commenting under my blogonym that you might actually recognize!

My earlier comment from "keri" was done while I was logged into a gmail account I use for other things besides blogging.

errr, ummm

So, I'm embarassed and unsure how to spell it - embarrassed or embarassed.

Have a great day!