Monday, August 11, 2008

Beautiful Child

Today, we were invited to attend a "Tea Party" at the pre-school that K will attend this year. It should have been called, "Meet Your Teacher Day", because much to our surprise, there was nothing tea party related at all. We dropped off her supplies, met her teacher and let her look around her classroom, then we left. As we were leaving K looked up at me and said, "That wasn't a tea party....I wore a dress all for nothing!"

Here she is in her new classroom. My big, sweet, beautiful child that has grown much too quickly.

Here is K with her very first teacher, Mrs. Diane. I hope Mrs. Diane knows how very important she is to me and I hope she loves her just a smidgen of the way I do.

After we left the "TEA PARTY", if you will, I decided a trip to a local bakery was in order to get K a tiny cupcake to make up for the lack of a party they had for her. While we were there, she eyeballed a great big lollipop so I bought that for her too, mainly because I knew it might come in handy in about 30 minutes at the doctor's office. Yup, that's sweet little girl had to get her vaccinations for school. FIVE of them!! It nearly ripped my heart out! After we got back in the car, eyes still wet from tears (mine, not hers), I made it all better with that lollipop. After all, nothing makes you feel better than a lot of brightly colored sugar on a stick.

Gosh, I love my baby girl! Oh, and besides the shots, we had a great checkup...perfect hearing, better than perfect eyesight, and my sweet girl is apparently in the 97% for her height. I'm so proud and so very blessed.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY...First day of pre-k. I hope I can see through my tears as I drive back home in the morning. This is going to be a hard one.

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JMom said...

She really is a beautiful girl...and sister, tell me about those shots. That was a heck of a check up for our family too!