Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not So Berry Sweet Today

My 2nd child, K, is usually very easy to please. She has a great disposition. She is a people pleaser. She has a sweet nature about her. She is usually so very obedient. I say, "usually" because today she shocked me...

We were just about to head out to get M from school, when K asks if she could have some strawberries for a snack. We were rushed, so I told her that she would have to wait until we came back home from getting her sister. Usually this would have resulted in her saying, "Ok, mommy," but instead it resulted into a little meltdown for her.

K: "I want strawberries!"

Me: K, you will have to wait."

K: Crying, tears, stomping of feet, "I want strawberries now. It will take too long!"

Me: "K, don't talk to Mommy like that. You are not being very nice....Watch Out."

(By now we were on our way, driving to the ever dreaded car pool line.)

K: "But I want strawberries! Turn around the car. I want strawberries!" she continued.

(I am growing very inpatient myself at this point)

Me: "K, do you want me to pull over this car and give you a spanking?"


K: "I wish your Daddy was here right now...I wish Grandfather was with us in this car."

(Oh, I know where she is going with this. She is wishing MY dad were here to give ME the spanking! And he very well might if he reads this post..)

Me: "Why?"

K: "Because I love him, that's why."

I think she realized that the ugliness she had been displaying wasn't getting her anywhere, so she was trying to turn it around to being sweet and loving again. (Finally, my old K back)

So about two whole minutes passed of quietness. No more tears. No more fussing. Ahhhhh...this felt nice. Peace. And then from the backseat...

"I STILL want strawberries."

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