Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is a very cold, dark, and rainy day in my area. The kind of day that makes it so difficult to peel yourself out of the bed in the morning and go about your normal routine and daily activities.

Most of the time when the weather is gloomy, like today, my emotions and mood seem to be gloomy as well. Not today. Today, I am thankful to have a day that forces me to be inside, snuggle with my daughter under a warm blanket and read a book to her, or to put on my favorite fuzzy socks that warm my toes. My house just seems so comfortable, cozy today. Today I am thankful for my house, and today, I am thankful for the inclement weather that forces me to slow down and breathe a little, soaking in the warmth of a home, the warmth of a snuggle, and the warmth of God's hands around my little family. Today is cozy.

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