Thursday, December 17, 2009


So apparently our Elf, "Pointy", is a blog reader. He got this idea from "Otto" over at Lotts of Scotts.

I was slightly disappointed that our elf was influenced by his peers. For you see our elf was not a mischievous elf, the kind that makes messes and plays tricks. We didn't read that in our Elf On The Shelf book. However, all the other kids, or elves rather, are doing it, so ours felt led to fit in. Peer pressure is a real thing I tell you.

I think that might be the one and only "trick" he will play this Christmas season. I can at least allow one ever season I guess, but I would much rather see him just find a cute spot to land after he returns home from the night before and my kids try to find him.

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