Friday, November 6, 2009


I guess I need to try to better about staying caught up with my blog especially with the holidays approaching. It's sort of like the scrapbook I need to finish and the scrapbook that I haven't even started yet for my son and he's two! It's also like the closet I need to clean and the junk drawer that needs to be dumped. I often find myself wishing I had just one more day a week that I could devote only to these things. I guess I'll catch up....eventually.

Halloween has come and gone and we had a lot of fun. This year M wanted to be something scary instead of something cute. I remember getting to that age myself so I obliged, although I much rather see a clown or princess over a goth girl ANY day.

K was my Supergirl. I thought she looked adorable. I also wish I had her legs!

and J, he was my Superman. I couldn't get him to stand still long enough to get his face in the picture. He was too busy trying to get to the next house because this year he figured out what Halloween was all about...CANDY! He has been thrilled ever since and wanting candy for breakfast every morning.

Here is this picture, though, of J's face a day or so before Halloween. I think he was thinking about a costume change at the last minute. I love this picture:

We had over our friends for dinner on Halloween and their kids went Trick Or Treating with us, which has become an annual tradition for our families. It is really nice to share fun times with good friends.

I made the dinner for the kids. We had monster toes:

Witches Fingers:

And monster mouths:

The kids had fun eating it and I had fun making it all for them.

Now...on to the next holiday. I'm going to slow down and enjoy it!

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