Monday, April 27, 2009

Steeplechase Fun

We try to go to the Steeplechase when we can. I always have fun making the girls hats and they have a great day spent in the spring weather (which felt more like summer this year) watching all the people and events on this fun day. They love having free cokes, sprites, waters and an endless table full of goodies and sweets. They also love spending time with their grandparents while we are there.

This year proved to be just as fun and memorable. We had 2 beautiful girls in cute hats:

We watched as sky divers plummeted to Earth and landed safely.

We enjoyed many cokes (and perhaps a few other beverages by the adults).

We posed for a few pictures and forced a smile, even though we were hot and worn out:

Oh, and we did see some horses and some horse races!

Next year maybe little J will be able to attend the horse races, but for this year, I left him safely behind with a babysitter knowing that if I hadn't HE would have somehow climbed the fence and ended up on the race track just as the horses were making the turn!

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