Monday, February 2, 2009

What was I thinking?

This one is for W, over at Mom of Eleven!!

W and I have been friends for a long time and fortunatley have seen our families grow and grow (hers much bigger than mine!). She had 2 girls, then a boy just like I did, however hers are each one year older than mine. It has worked out to my advantage numerous times. For one, I have gotten great hand-me-downs for the girls from her since my girls were also 3 years apart. Second, we have passed maternity clothes back and forth since 1999 or so? Well, since she is FAR more energetic than I, she is on baby #4 (Which will actually make #12...If you don't know the story, visit her blog). Precious. Couldn't be more happy for her. So, yet again, I have passed the maternity box back to her.

The box has gotten larger and larger, therefore my husband had to deliver it instead of me because it has gotten so heavy. Let me just tell you that after a DECADE the clothes have become slightly dated. I'm the type of person that can't throw anything away. I might not have ever put it on my body, but couldn't ever throw it away either, so it just remained in the box. W called the other day when she received the box and we laughed and laughed on the phone about how VERY bad some of those clothes were/are...whatever. We had a good laugh at ourselves!

I managed to find only a couple of pictures of me pregnant. (I told her I was going to do this) You know, when you are pregnant, you hardly let a camera near you, let alone someone actually take a picture of you. However, these few were taken in 2000, the year I had M. Just thought I would share some of my bad maternity fashion decisions.

(These came out of M's scrapbook, so bear with the poor quality)

The following I didn't think was all THAT bad. I wore this for a good friend's wedding who got married at my mother's house and T and I were a part of it. But lavender??? Nothing like making you REALLY look like an Easter Egg!:

Now, this dress screams, "Hey, everyone look at me!", which is EXACTLY what I DON'T want people to do when I walk in a room! I don't even think this would have been appropriate for a trip to Hawaii. Put on your comes the pregnant girl! (Not that I HAVE TO TELL YOU, but I am the one on the left)

And this has to be my all time favorite. I remember thinking I looked huge, but really cute, hence the fact that I am actually allowing someone to take my picture while I strike this pose. (FYI: This was just a few days before delivery)

I was teaching at the time and a fellow teacher/friend yelled down the hall to me, "HEEEEYYY Bubblicious!" Hysterical now, not so funny 4 days before I had a baby! Apparently she knew something then that I did not!

Happy pregnancy W! And just remember, you'll look really cute NOW, but in another decade we will be rolling on the floor about what you were wearing! That's just a part of it!


momsi/Nonni said...

Are you sure the box stops with W??Just kidding!!I love visiting ya'll. I sounds like ya'll have such a sweet friendship. I've missed that since moving from S'vill,SC to Augusta. Blessings to you both...Cheryl

elizabeth said...

Cheryl....These days, with the people at the Poison Control Center knowing me probably by name, and me just trying to keep up with that little rascal...I am thinking, "Yes. The box stops with her." But I've always heard if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. So I will just not make any plans as for now. I'm good with that.

Kristie said...

That picture of all of us pregnant is too funny!! I think you looked cute pregnant!!

elizabeth said...

Kristie-don't me, you, and kim look so miserable in this picture..just the looks on our faces crack me up (miriam's too, actually, although she wasn't pregnant)

Mom of Eleven said...

oh, that is great. . was that my pink dress? Thanks for sharing,

elizabeth said...

No, I'm pretty sure that was my bright (literallY) idea to buy that little number. I don't think any of these 3 were bought by you, so you can breathe a sigh of relief on that one!lol