Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Snuggie

Here is a picture of my sweet girls modeling my new Snuggies that they gave me for Christmas. As with any good product sold on T.V., they were able (with the help of their daddy, obviously) to snag "not one, but TWO snuggies in addition to TWO booklights all for the price of one." And for just a few more dollars they elected to upgrade my Snuggie which meant mine came with "45% thicker material and TWO built in pockets so that you won't ever lose the remote again."
One size fits all. Seriously? Look at my kids in it! So basically the Snuggie is a fleece robe that you wear backwards! So not kidding. Some person one morning probably accidentally put on their robe backwards and thought, "ummm...this is warm AND convienient because it's like a blanket BUT I have the use of my arms." That's most likely when the Snuggie was born....right there in someones bathroom, hungover from the night before.

Let me just tell you one thing about the Snuggie that I personally think should have come with a warning label! That thing produces so much static electricity that after wearing it for maybe one minute, I could go to the nearest doorknob in my house and probably provide enough electricity to power my neighborhood. As you can see in the picture (and WHY I didn't model the Snuggie personally) it adds about 75 pounds on you! But that's ok, it's a blanket...I'm NOT going to wear it to a football game like the crazy family in the commercial. I'm not so sure however, what this does for me in the way of romance though....Can't you just see me now, wrapped up in my Snuggie, 75 lbs bigger and my hair is standing straight up in the air?....Well, let's just say that I know the only electricity happening in my house that day is the crackling and popping between me and my Snuggie.

(Oh, and by the way, I have no idea why M chose a rapper pose for the Snuggie picture. Makes me wonder, though what pose she would have chosen if I would let her wear my 24 karat gold chain with my $$ hangin' on it.)


Mom of Eleven said...

okay. . this is great. J was threatening to get us all one of these, just because he was intrigued by the commercial. what I love is that they thought it would be great. . it's amazing what they pick out. . always wondering what they look like in real life.

georgiamom said...

I am so proud that I know someone who ACTUALLY owns one of those things. That is great!! That would be a great re-gift gag-gift! Hilarious. I wish I could have seen the expression on your face when you opened it.