Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beauty At the Beach

We had a fabulous time at the beach. The weather forecast looked pretty bad for the week we were to be there, but it actually turned out to be perfect. In fact it was rather pleasant going early in the summer like that because it wasn't that very humid and sticky kind of hot. The last day we were there the gulf water was the best I had ever seen it. It was literally like a huge pool, with almost no waves, and you could be up to your neck and still see your toes on the ocean bottom. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a nice way to end our relaxing week at the beach. Here are a few pictures of our trip to Sunshine Cottage in Destin, FL.


sarah conway said...

cute pics! the girls just keep getting prettier, and jack is a handsome little man! :)

looks like you had tons of fun.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Sarah. We did have a really good family vacation. I could eat that little man up myself! :)

Mom of Eleven said...

Oh how fun! I can't wait to go to the beach!
Thanks for all the sweet comments and thoughts! We are thrilled to be home!

JMom said...

I love the pictures!!